Andante 〜featuring 横浜天音学園
ミョウガ零士(CV:日野聡)、雨宮聖(CV:宮野真守)&七海宗介(CV:増田ゆき) / 金色のコルダ Blue♪Sky focus on 天音学園


Andante Featuring ~Amane Gakuen~. Enjoy! ;3

Finally, my favorite version come out in full! 

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Theses cuties ! XD I love them so much! 

Theses cuties ! XD I love them so much! 

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Anime Spring 2014 - The end! 

I will share my opinion of the animes that I was watching until the end.

1- No game no life : Okey! WTH , and seriously that shouldn’t end like that. They said at the end : ” Let start the game!” I was so confused and mad at the same time. They better put a season 2 and people let’s start doing a petition. 

2- Kamigami no asobi: I don’t know if people notice it but this picture was almost the same as the opening. Of course, it is Broccoli’s company , who makes the friendly harem ending. Let’s face it fangirls and fanboys, it is a harem anime and if they choice an OTP , everyone will yell at each others. Thought , the forehead kiss between Yui x Loki was darn cute. I ship them so much! I’m currently playing the otome game ,so maybe I will be mentioning it again through my post. XD 

3-Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky: It ended as I excepted . I can’t stop shipping LeijixKanade , they were very cute. My second one was with RitsuxKanade, probably because of the seiyuu. I was so glad that Tsukiyomi appears and even others antecedent characters but they should have show us Hino-chan! It was a peaceful ending with a lovely sound. 

4-Escha & Logy no Atelier: That was one intense fight ,they had at the end. The mystery got solve and the princess could vanish in peace. Escha x Logy moment were very cute. And I couldn’t stop screaming:       “Just get married already!” They ended when Logy leaves them and go back to his old job but I really wanted to see the same scene as the game. When he goes back again and said to Escha : “I’m home!” Then , she hugged him and he pats her head as usually!

5-Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii: This anime was the must adorable thing I ever saw. I don’t want to hear someone saying Nike is too old for Livi because that picture proves the meaning of cuteness couple in history! The melody that her old grandmother was singing was so cool and I can’t stop repeating the scene. I will try to find it in the OSt track package!XD 

6- Black Bullet: The fight was intense as usual. I was so screaming when Shino-nee was dead! I know they had no choice but the Hijikata’s fans ( From Hakuouki) was mad too. ( Since they have both the same seiyuu) Kisara turned really psycho at the end and I was so scared. Then god, that Tina didn’t stay with her at the office. Rentaro was crying like a baby and Enju hugged him back , it was darn cute. I swear I was crying too. :( I always thought that the princess was useless but she really encourage the others in war with that light. It was really cool !

My 20 Childhood Animes

I was making this video that is why I didn’t publish stuff theses few days. 

Uta no prince-sama maji love 2000% - Camus (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

He did a lot of character that I didn’t thought about… Especially , Pain from Naruto ! That was a big shock but I do admit his voice is really deep.

Uta no prince sama maji love 2000%- Ranmaru Kurosaki ( CV:Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

I still can’t believe it , he really did Aleister from Black Bulter. His voice is so cool and manly. Especially , when he does Ranmaru voice and then he changes completely. I notice that he did a lot of sport anime characters. 

He will be doing one character from the new harem anime that will come out as an ova for 30 min. and it is called Juuza  Engi Engetsu Sangokudon. Also this summer 2014 , he will do again Makoto voice’s for Free! Eternal Summer and in Bakumatsu Rock.

Uta no prince sama maji love 2000% - Ai Mikaze ( CV: Aoi Shouta) 

I was searching so much to found some characters that Aoi-kun did. He did more CD Drama and OP or ED Anime’s song. For the rest , Aoi shouta is more an Idol in Japan. I really wish that he could do more anime characters. :(

The recent character that he will be doing is on Shounen Hollywood and the 2nd movie in Persona 3. 

Uta no prince sama maji love 2000% - Reiji Kotobuki ( CV: Morikubo Showtaro) 

I really wanted to search Utapri seiyuu’s and their achieves . So, I will be starting by Quartet Night until Starish.

Apparently he will be doing three recent character in Bakumatsu Rock,Love Stage!! and Persona 4 during this summer 2014.