This expectation is really creeping the hell out of me but the reality version is seducing us. 

O…..M…..G!( I have no word to say) 

O…..M…..G!( I have no word to say) 

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Kaneki bad-ass version. 

Kaneki turned into Ayato version. I know that Kaneki could totally beat the crap of Ayato. 

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Bad-ass scene ! 

Bad-ass scene ! 

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↳Baby Kaneki

Awww Baby Ken! :3

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unravel [music box ver.]

I’m going to miss this anime . Today was the last episode !:(

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If you ever tell me that Haru doesn’t care about his friendship with Makoto I will fly out to you, punch you in the throat and shove this photoset right up your ass.

I was like Haru too ,when I had my first fight with my best friend . I just wanted to run away… One of the reason why I like this anime because it shows us realistic stuff that an individual could experiment.  

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Rin introducing himself in English.

This part was the most adorable thing I ever saw! :3

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Fish out of water | Haru in Australia

For once, Haru had a lot of expression in this episode !

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"What's the purpose of your visit?"

Haru and English part 1

LMAO , Haru will be in trouble left alone in a foreign country! 

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